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How To Build Your Own Custom Spa or Hot Tub!

What if an industry recognized expert could show you how to build a "Resort Quality" spa, hot tub or swim spa, in your own back yard for a fraction of the cost of what a contractor would charge you! (I'm talking as much as 80% less!). Would you consider building it yourself? Maybe.. you say? What if that same industry recognized expert was available to help and coach you every step of the way through your project FOR FREE! Would you consider it then? READ ON!

Gene Trumbull has helped hundreds of customers Custom Build a Hot Tub of their own at huge savings

Hi... My Name Is
Gene Trumbull

I'm the owner of Custom Built Spas. For over 15 years now I've helped thousands of customers realize their dream of owning a beautiful new Custom Built Hot Tub, Spa or Swim Spa at a cost they could afford, as much as 80% less what a contractor would charge. How?, by teaching them how to build it themselves! I've earned industry recognition as a leading authority on Hot Tub, Spa and Swim Spa building, and I now I'd like to show YOU how it's done!

Everything you need to know is packed in my spa and hot tub building books and my 2-1/2hr Hot Tub building DVD! But that's not all! As my customer you can call or email me anytime you have a question or you need help during your project. I become your personal spa building coach! And here's the best part! You get my help for FREE! Anyone ever offer to do that for you before? I Doubt It! Sounds too good to be true you say? Just read what a few of my customers have had to say! Click "testimonials".

Below are just a few Hot Tubs built by my customers!

Our First Custom Built Spa Custom Built Hot Tub in Panama Mason builds his own hot tub in his basement PA Attorney builds a custom hot tub Our first Custom Built Spa done in Spain
Simple DIY backyard hot tub Custom Built Spa done in Israel Hot tub built at the Pines, upper state NY Custom Built Hot tub with night lighting effects NJ shore do it youself custom hot tub

Need more details about building your own spa, hot tub, or swim spa? Click: (Pg. 2)

Can't wait to see the rest of my offer and get going...(Click here now)
and review my Cd/DVD package page
plus see how you get my help for FREE!

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