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How To Build Your Own Custom Spa, Hot Tub, Swim Spa or Exercise Pool! Here is the ultimate choice.
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How many times have you dreamed of owning your own Spa, Hot tub or Swim Spa, but the dream was shattered simply because you felt the cost was far more than what you could justify spending?


WHAT IF there was someone who was willing to help you realize your Dream and do it at a cost you COULD afford? There is someone, me. My name is Gene Trumbull, I own Custom Built Spas. Over the last 15 years, I've helped countless others just like you make spa and hot tub ownership a reality without going broke!

I’ve been showing people just like you how to take a simple spa or hot tub design and build it themselves, regardless of what their present handyman skill levels were? They saved a ton of money on the cost of a spa or hot tub and got a quality level equal to any of the high priced factory or commercial spas, except I showed them how to save up to as much as 80% of their cost?

"So how did I do this and how can I help you?” Simple, by providing you an easy to follow highly detailed guide and video where I teach you a simple step by step process how to build your own spa, hot tub or swim spa! And, you're not going to do this alone! You're going to get FREE 1-on-1, personal coaching help from me, an industry recognized expert! Too good to be true your thinking? Take a minute and check out my customer "Past Projects" page. Look at some of their spa projects and read what they have to say about working with Custom Built Spas and I how I helped them. Customer Projects and Testimonials

All the details you need to know are packed in my Ultimate Spa and Hot tub building information package, including my NEW 2-1/2 hour hot tub building video DVD! You get a complete step by step spa building plan! But that's not all! As my customer, you can call or email me anytime you have a question or for help you may need during your project. I become your personal spa building coach!Read More

How To Build Your Own Custom Spa, Hot Tub, Swim Spa or Exercise Pool!


  • "I am a dentist by trade and have had virtually no construction experience…Gene helped me through it all. ..we now have a dream spa in our own back yard! Thanks for all the help, Gene!"

    Joel B. Nampa, Idaho

  • "With Gene's coaching help, our family ended up with an impressive spa at far less then the cost for a portable spa or a commercial built spa. Our friends and neighbors can't believe we did it ourselves."

    Tony F. -Attorney Harrisburg, PA

  • "Our Spa is a GREAT addition to our backyard and your instructional DVD’s, equipment ordering and advice by telephone made it all possible. Thanks so much again for being the real deal."

    Terry S. Tampa Florida

  • "...It is all worth it…. Thanks Gene for all your help, support and advice ...we couldn't have done it all without you!"

    Nick and Julie Pike Granada Spain

  • "When I began this project, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was advised to go with a fiberglass pre-built unit and was leaning that way when I found Gene's book on the internet."

    Kim Wasserburger Minoqua WI

  • "We've been extremely impressed with Gene's book, but most of all with his commitment to being available for questions and support throughout our project. Our spa turned out beautifully, and Gene was right there "

    David S. and Anna T.Sacramento CA

  • "The way the manual is explained, gave me enough confidence to decide on a hot tub….and I'm very pleased with the results! Thanks again Gene, I owe you for years of relaxation to come"

    Augusto (Gus) Villarreal Panama

  • "Our spa was one of your first projects. We couldn't be happier with the results! It was a lot easier than we anticipated and we saved a bundle of money."

    Art M Charleston, SC

  • "After doing a search on the Internet for information about spas, I found Gene's Site and ordered his book just to see if building our own spa would be an option.We are very happy with our completed spa and it's far better than anything we could have bought for more than twice the price"

    Matt Borbi Comming, GA