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Custom Built Spas by Gene Trumbull

How would you like to own a Resort Quality Hot Tub, Spa or Swim Spa...
For just pennies on the Dollar?

Ever considered BUILDING your own Spa,
Hot Tub or Swim Spa?
You may be surprised to find out that building these units is not as hard to do as you would think! And how about if you had someone helping you every step of the way! Like an industry recognized expert with tons of experience, who would be available to you anytime to answer questions, run ideas by and give you quidance along the way with your project!!

You can get
"FREE HELP" from your own,
Personal Spa Building Coach!

Wouldn't THAT make a difference in your decision?

WELL NOW you can
BUILD your own Spa or Hot Tub...!
Simply follow my step by step construction guide outlined in the industry's #1 best selling DIY Spa and hot tub building books. You can even get a 2-1/2hr video DVD covering a complete start to finish hot tub project!

This highly sought after information is now available from an industry recognized expert who will guide you through a proven method of building your own hot tub or spa! You'll be taken through a step by step plan that can easily SAVE YOU THOUSANDS of DOLLARS ON THE COST OF OWNING A SPA or HOT TUB...Guaranteed!

Our First Custom Built Spa Custom Built Hot Tub in Panama Mason builds his own hot tub in his basement PA Attorney builds a custom hot tub Our first Custom Built Spa done in Spain
Simple DIY backyard hot tub Custom Built Spa done in Israel Hot tub built at the Pines, upper state NY Custom Built Hot tub with night lighting effects NJ shore do it youself custom hot tub

Three of the beautiful Custom Built Hot Tubs shown above
Cost Under $5999! Can you pick one of them out?

Ask Yourself these questions...

  • How many times have you wished you could own a relaxing hot tub or even a swim spa of your very own but thought you could never afford it?... (I'll show you a way you can own one right now without going broke!)
  • What if the hot tub or spa you wanted could be completely customized to your own taste, style, size and setting? Do it above ground, in-ground, in your basement etc.. (Get a hot tub done where and exactly how YOU want it!)
  • Wouldn't you like to own a gorgeous "Dream Hot Tub" similar to one of the ones shown above for less than $5999? And, how about at the same time you could add as much as 10K to 25K in equity value to your home! (I'm not kidding)!
  • Imagine how it would feel to stretch out an relax in a hot tub that had more room than 95% of the typical portable hot tubs have to offer? (More space equals more comfort!)
  • How would you like to beat the high cost of traveling by creating your very own backyard "Vacation Destination", one that you and your family can enjoy year round! (I can show you how to accomplish this)!
  • And did you know that for a number of chronic aliments, aches and pains that can be relieved by the regular use of a hot tub or spa, your cost and operating expenses may qualify as a write off on your income taxes. (This is True)!
  • How great do you think it would feel to come home after a hard days work and take a nice long hot soak in your own hot tub and just let the stresses of the day melt away! (I can help make that happen for you)!
Gene Trumbull has helped hundreds of customers Custom Build a Hot Tub of their own at huge savings

Hi... My Name Is
Gene Trumbull

I've helped thousands of my customers realize their dream of owning a beautiful new Custom Built Hot Tub, Spa or Swim Spa at a cost they could afford. How?, Through my series of highly detailed Spa, Hot Tub and Swim Spa construction books and Video DVD! I've earned industry recognition as a leading authority on Hot Tub, Spa and Swim Spa building! With over 15 years experience as a builder-contractor plus, many more years of hands on experience in the trades, I can help you get the custom Hot Tub, Spa or Swim Spa of your dreams without going broke! Read down and see what else I offer you.

SINCE 1999...

For over 15 years now, I've helped thousands of customers all over the country and even around the world get a beautiful custom hot tub of their own at a price they can afford! I've become an industry recognized Leading Authority on hot tub, spa and swim building.

Through my "Do It Yourself", Hot Tub, Spa and Swim Spa building books and my personal guidance, you can get a beautiful hot tub of your own. I can even provide information on Solar Heating to help you "Go Green" if you want!

My "how to" spa books have become the Worlds #1 BEST SELLING PUBLICATIONS on DO IT YOURSELF Hot Tub, Spa and Swim Spa building projects! These DIY hot tub building manuals along with my NEW Hot tub building Video DVD, absolutely blow away any other information you might find out there! And I mean blows their stuff right out of the water!

Plus, You have absolutely nothing to risk, Not One Red Cent! So why not take a look at my books and DVD, (see my awesome 1 year guarantee below) At Custom Built Spas, I'll not only show you how to build your own Spa or Hot tub, I'll coach you throughout your project... for FREE! In addition, I can provide all the right spa equipment that you'll need for your project, you won't have to figure out how or where to get anything!

I have satisfied customers who have bought our spa and hot tub building manuals in over 36 countries now, Plus, I have customer built spas in 13 of those countries! I've helped people around the world, realize their dream of having their own hot tub come true! I would love to help you too! (Note: I can supply spa, hot tub and swim spa parts packages to most all countries outside the USA,including those requiring 50Hz applications).

Teacher With Just Basic Skills
Raves About My Book and Support!

When I began my project and spa, I wanted a spa that would be powerful, esthetic and fit the custom home it would be a part of. The spa would also have a waterfall and an adjoining shower room. When I began this spa project, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was advised by friends to go with a pre-built portable and was leaning that way until I found Genes' spa website on the internet.
Beautiful indoor hot tub with waterfall

Even though the project was a bit challenging at times because of my inexperience, I can state without reservation that no matter what I encountered and needed help with, Gene was with me every step of the way.His unconditional support was a big part of what made my "renewal room" spa as I call it, one of the most beautiful and revitalizing spas I have ever been in and I've been in spas all over the world! Plus, the savings on this spa were far more than what I thought would even be close to possible.

With Extreme Gratitude!

-Kim Wasserburger, WI

More benefits you get to enjoy by owning
your own Custom Built Hot tub or Spa!

  • You can take time to relax in your own hot tub whenever you want to! No running to the gym.
  • Hot tubs give you wonderful relief from your everyday aches and pains!
  • Having your own hot tub gives you and your family members more opportunities to spend quality time together to relax and communicate instead of sitting glued in front of a TV in silence!
  • A hot tub setting can be a wonderful focal area for entertaining close friends and guests!
  • A nice 20 or 30 minute soak in your hot tub before going to bed will help you get a more relaxed nights sleep!
  • Using the hot tub building methods outlined in our hot tub building books will save you thousands of dollars!
  • Even if you hire others to do some of the building steps you don't want to do yourself, you're still going to save a ton of money!
  • Unlike typical portable hot tubs your Custom Built Hot tub can easily add $15,000 to $20,000 and often a lot more in equity value to your home. And, you do this at a cost that's only a fraction of the added value!
  • In a competitive real estate market the added attraction of a permanently installed custom built hot tub could facilitate a quicker sale of your property as well as more of a profit to you!
PA Attorney Builds His Own Hot Tub!
The photo on the right is another of the beautifully done versions of our hot tub built by a PA attorney, Tony, F. The hot tub was built adjacent to an existing deck and included an enclosed surround wall, a privacy fence, a sun shade and a custom made folding cover.
Hot tub built into outdoor deck

Here's what Tony had to say about his hot tub!

"What can I say, Gene's materials and supplies arrived on time, were of the highest quality and most importantly, he was always available throughout the build process. His knowledge and skill are unsurpassed! He handles your questions and issues with respect and practical solutions that are invaluable. This project is great for a do-it-yourselfer. With Genes' coaching help, our family ended up with an impressive hot tub at far less then the cost for a portable or commercially built hot tub. Our friends and neighbors can't believe that we did it ourselves. We're looking forward to many seasons in our new hot tub ".

-Tony Foschi, PA


Hotel Owner Builds Hot tub in Greece!

Gene Trumbull, a total professional who from the first question to the last assisted me in building the hot tub for my Hotel in Greece. Absoloutely fantastic step by step guide! Do not hesitate on this. It's the only way to build your hot tub.

-Kostas Drimeris
Paros Cyclades Greece

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Your Skill Level Doesn't Matter! I'm Going To Show You Everything You Need To Know, Nothing Is Left Out!!

I realize not all of you do it yourselfers, handymen and women have the same skills or abilities and that's perfectly OK! My Hot Tub Building Books are written for All Skill Levels regardless of how much or how little you know. You can always hire others to do any steps you can't or don't want to do yourself, you're still going to save a ton of money!

Whether you are an extreme novice or you're a highly skilled do it yourselfer, I've got it covered for you, but here's the best part!

When you get one of my spa building books, you get my expert help FREE! Yep, that's right FREE! As one of your FREE bonuses, you get me as your personal spa building coach at no cost to you! MY years of personal experience, research, education and hands on Spa Building knowledge are all yours for FREE! You can call me or email me with questions or for advice 24/7! (I'm sure you know how RARE this type of service is!)

Not Only can I help you plan the design of your project, I can provide all the proper spa equipment you'll need to complete your hot tub. You don't ever have to figure out what parts you'll need or where to get them! I can handle all that for you! (Who's ever given you that kind of help before? Albeit no one)! How about this! Keep reading down this page, you'll see how you can get our books and CD's for FREE!

Here are just a few of the detailed topics covered in my
Do It Yourself Spa & Hot Tub building books!

  • Spa site selection.
  • Planning and preparation.
  • Base and wall construction.
  • Electrical preparation work you can do yourself.
  • Plumbing your hot tub, it's easier than you think.
  • How and where to install the water an air jets.
  • Gas Heat vs Electric Heat.
  • Insulating your hot tub for efficiency.
  • Air blowers, how to install them and their benefits.
  • Selecting all the right spa equipment.
  • How to maximize spa performance.
  • How to do all your own tile work should you choose a tile finish.
  • How to make your hot tub completely water tight.
  • Hot tub start up and care.
  • Salt Water Sanitizers, Ozonators and Ionizers Vs. chemical water treatment.
  • Winterizing your hot tub.

You have absolutely nothing to risk, Not One Red Cent!

Before you say "I don't know if I can do this", Stop... and think for a minute! Don't you owe it to yourself and your family to at least review my hot tub building books and DVD before you decide? I'm absolutely positive you'll find this project doable and a lot easier than you expected! Plus, all of my books, cd's and DVD are backed by my No Hassle, Iron Clad 1 year (365 days from the time you receive your package), no question asked 100% money back guarantee!

My Books and Brand NEW Hot Tub Building Video DVD Are
Unlike Anything You'll Find Anywhere... Period!

These one of a kind "do it yourself" Hot Tub Building CD's and DVD are exclusive publications of Custom Built Spas! They are not available in any book stores, ebay, amazon, home supply outlets or anywhere else like that. You can only get these publications right here at my website! Select one of my two combination packages, the special NEW Video DVD package or my individual 5 CD book package.

Take advantage of my NEW introductory DVD and book CD package offers (Listed on my books and cd's page)! And how about this! I added a NEW- "How To Build Your Own Exercise Pool" Bonus Section to my Do It Yourself Swim Spa book and it's yours FREE!

(By the way, my build a spa CD and DVD packages make great Christmas or
Birthday presents for the do-it-yourselfer in your life)!

Customers Love our Service!

Thanks for everthing Gene. You're the best! I hope this is a great business for you, as your customer services is nothing short of excellent!

-Gavin Chandler, Reno NV

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MY SECOND OFFER! When you get my highly detailed - How To Build Your Own Custom Spa or Hot Tub book (Version 1), the masonry method of hot tub building, on cd), you get all four of my other books FREE! It's all in Package #2 Click Here Now!

AND...because I totally want you to get your money's worth when you purchase from me, I'm going to help you out some more with a few very special FREE Bonuses!

SUPER BONUS #1: "The Best Part" You get me as your own personal hot tub building coach during your hot tub building project at zero cost to you! This help is FREE to my hot tub building customers. Service like this is easily valued at a $150/hour or more just as consulting fees! With any order of one of my cd or DVD packages your name is automatically added to my active "Preferred Clients List" for one full year. As a "Preferred Client", when you're ready to build your own hot tub, you can contact Custom Built Spas anytime. Call me, email me for design or idea help, construction questions, discount hot tub building parts or any other hot tub or swim spa building questions you have... 24/7.

BONUS #2: You're going to Love this one! Along with my spa DVD and CD packages, you get another special Book (on CD rom) covering "How to build you own Deck, Porch or Spa Gazebo"! and it's FREE! A $29.95 value. The perfect compliment book for many hot tub building projects. Custom Build Spas has recently been given rights to distribute this book, written by Mike French of VA Decking and Remodeling. Mike is one of the premier "Award Winning" deck builders east of the Mississippi! You'll learn the right way to build a deck that's designed for beauty, strength and endurance.

BONUS #3: Maybe after reading through one of my hot tub building book packages you decide this project may be not for you after all. NO problem! In addition to the other FREE Bonuses, I'm giving you a FREE cd copy of my very popular "Spa Secrets Revealed" book! This book covers all the important questions you need to ask and the critical things you should know about spas before you make any hot tub purchase! This book alone could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars by itself and it's yours FREE, even if you send back the Version 1 Hot Tub Building book for a refund! "Spa Secrets Revealed" is a $19.95 value.

BONUS #4: Get my books for FREE! That's right FREE! After you've read through one of my hot tub building books and you decide to build your own hot tub, if you use Custom Built Spas as your equipment supplier, you qualify for a 100% refund of your cd/DVD package purchase. You get a refund check as a rebate on your equipment package. PLUS! inside every hot tub book package you'll find an additional $75.00 Bonus Discount Certificate! Minimum Value for this bonus alone is $150.00. And, that's over and above the equipment package discounts we also give you!

You get well over $150 in extra value discounts and Bonuses
(Note: Bonus Packages Subject to Change Without Notice)

Here's My No Hassle, No BS, No trick clauses 365 DAY
100% MONEY BACK Guarantee!

My Guarantee is simple! Take up to ONE FULL YEAR, (365 days from the time you receive your hot tub building CDs or DVD), to read over all the information and decide whether or not to build your own hot tub. If you decide not to build a hot tub after all, you can send your CD or DVD package back for a full refund, no questions asked! And you can keep the copy of Spa Secrets Revealed and the deck building CD as a FREE gift for looking over my information! - Fair Enough?

The Bottom Line! I'm not trying to blow my own horn, but I'm so absolutely confident that my information is by far the best you can find anywhere, that I'll TRIPLE YOUR MONEY BACK! if you can show me any published Hot Tub Building Book and DVD that provides more information or more details than my books and DVD do. Plus, I'll even give you the money you paid for the other information too. Don't wait, Click Here To Claim your copy of "How To Build Your Own Custom Spa or Hot Tub" book Risk Free Right Now!

Three Ways To Place Your Risk Free Order!

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How To Build Your Own Custom Spa or Hot Tub

I'm looking forward to working with you on your Hot Tub or Swim spa project!
Proudly Celebrating Our 15th Year In Business!
We've Saved People Thousands of $$$$!
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